Our Capabilities

Across air


A two-crew C4ISR, F3EAD and precision strike aircraft, capable of carrying a wide range of weapons, sensors and systems in extended airborne mission operations. It is a unique platform that is built for purpose; uses a pusher propeller and has an open system architecture allowing for the rapid incorporation of current and emerging systems, setting a new standard for mission flexibility and adaptability.

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Mirage F1

The complete air-power package with cradle-to-grave training and technical support for the aircraft.

In addition to pilot training, we operate a technical school that provides mechanical and avionics ground crew training to maintain and service aircraft.

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Super 17

Modular architecture allows for unlimited system integration. The Super 17 is ideal for tactical transport, as well as commando missions and offensive operations, including Anti-armour, rockets and bombing.

Currently the only tactical transport helicopter with a proven anti-armour capability and full night vision operations.

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Night Hawk

The counter-insurgency search and destroy alternative, with a look shoot weapon system, tactical low level cannon operations, accurate longer range attack and full night vision operation.

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Meteorite UAV

Developed to perform various operations, including path clearance, mobile observation, pursuit of moving vehicles, short range intelligence missions and tactical awareness, border patrol, infrastructure and site surveillance, disaster image gathering, game observation, transport and delivery of light cargo, coastal surveillance and ship borne applications.

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