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Our revolutionary portable manufacturing model allows for in-country manufacturing. This in turn facilitates the transfer of technology and skills, and the creation of local employment.

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We operate within the international regulatory frameworks of the United Nations and other relevant governments throughout the world and conduct our business in an ethical and responsible manner.

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We provide a wide range of funding structures, compliant with IMF and World Bank requirements, which enable clients to procure affordable, best in class equipment and services.



Mwari is a two-crew C4ISR, F3EAD and precision strike aircraft, capable of carrying a wide range of weapons, sensors and systems in extended airborne mission operations. It is a unique platform that is built for purpose; uses a pusher propeller and has an open system architecture allowing for the rapid incorporation of current and emerging systems, setting a new standard for mission flexibility and adaptability. The aircraft features open architecture, plug and play systems and carries an interchangeable multi-mission pod system, allowing a single platform to perform multiple missions.

Rapidly deployable with hybrid ISR and close air support capabilities for which no other platform has been specifically designed, Mwari ensures smarter capability and better mission success at less than $1000/hour. A rugged aircraft, it is designed for missions in remote and austere environments requiring minimum logistical support.

Mwari is the ultimate solution to the F3EA capability, a truly multi-role aircraft with tactical versatility and real-time C4ISR, perfectly suited to modern threats and air force requirements.

Takeoff distance





21,000 FEET



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