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Across Land

Mbombe 8

The vanguard of armoured vehicle technologies, developed to meet the increasing demand for multi-role, high mobility and mine hardened platforms. Ready for the changing demands of the global battlefield.

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Mbombe 6

A low profile, flexible battle tool: the 6x6 Mbombe is a highly agile infantry fighting vehicle with revolutionary flat hull and mine protection.

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Mbombe 4

Displaying a striking new design, packed with the latest technologies and capabilities required for the modern battlefield and ever-evolving threats, the Mbombe 4 offers outstanding levels of protection, mobility and flexibility.

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Rugged and robust, with excellent cross-country agility and speed. Designed to handle up to 4,500kg payload, this vehicle offers outstanding flexibility in the choice of weapons and mission-specific equipment.

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Designed for Police Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies, the Maverick carries a crew of up to 14 - with crowd-control equipment - in a comfortable, temperature-controlled environment.

Excellent levels of situation awareness, protection against ballistic and grenade attacks and unbeatable mobility are some of the Maverick’s key features.

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The Maatla has been manufactured on a commercial vehicle chassis which provides class-leading reliability and proven capability, while capable of addressing all types of its terrain for its nine-crew personnel.

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