World-leading internal security vehicle with outstanding crew protection

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Produced locally to enhance economic opportunities

Our revolutionary portable manufacturing model allows for in-country manufacturing. This in turn facilitates the transfer of technology and skills, and the creation of local employment.

Responsible Global Citizen

We operate within the international regulatory frameworks of the United Nations and other relevant governments throughout the world and conduct our business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Flexible Finance Solutions

We provide a wide range of funding structures, compliant with IMF and World Bank requirements, which enable clients to procure affordable, best in class equipment and services.




The Maverick is configured to carry out crowd control, public order and specialised operations, while not appearing overtly aggressive. It has ample space for a large crew, and situation awareness is enhanced through armoured glass windows, CCTV cameras and other sensors that provide continuous real-time updates. The Maverick has front and central side doors, plus a rear door, for optimal access and rapid egress.


Designed to provide high levels of ballistic protection, the Maverick is independently tested and proven to protect the crew against 7.62mm x 54mm armour-piercing rounds at very close range and attacks from hand grenades underneath the vehicle. Extra belly plates ensure protected from becoming immobilised from hand-grenade attacks, while manual and automatic fire extinguishing systems protect against firebombs.


The Maverick provides unbeatable mobility on and off-road. It can by-pass blocked roads by going cross-country, or clear obstacles using its pneumatic dozer blade and bull bar. Excellent manoeuvrability, a tight turning circle and monitor linked rear camera make this vehicle perfect for deployment in urban areas with narrow and steep roads.



Blast protection



<16.5 METRES

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