Mbombe 6

Impressive power. Outstanding mobility. Unrivalled protection.

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Produced locally to enhance economic opportunities

Our revolutionary portable manufacturing model allows for in-country manufacturing. This in turn facilitates the transfer of technology and skills, and the creation of local employment.

Responsible Global Citizen

We operate within the international regulatory frameworks of the United Nations and other relevant governments throughout the world and conduct our business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Flexible Finance Solutions

We provide a wide range of funding structures, compliant with IMF and World Bank requirements, which enable clients to procure affordable, best in class equipment and services.




Configured for optimum performance in conventional and asymmetric warfare, counter terrorism and peacekeeping missions. There is ample space for the driver, commander, gunner and 8 fully equipped infantrymen together with tools, ammunition and equipment. The Mbombe 6 can easily be configured as a highly effective armoured fighting vehicle by mounting a heavy machine gun or automatic canon/remote weapon station.


The Mbombe 6 model provides unrivalled protection against landmines, IEDs, side blasts and RPG attacks. This is achieved by revolutionary new technology that provides outstanding mine protection without resorting to the traditional V-shape design. The low silhouette also offers a reduced target, while the armoured hull provides excellent stopping power against ballistic attack (STANAG 4569 level 3 as standard) and anti-tank land mine explosions (STANAG level 4a and 4b).

Mobility 6

Mbombe 6 is designed to retain its outstanding mobility characteristics even when combat laden. Equipped with independent suspension all-round, the 6x6 vehicle is able to carry considerable payloads over all types of terrain without loss of mobility and the three axles provide excellent cross-country performance, delivering a highly versatile platform.

Crew Capacity

2+1+8 SEATS

Ground Clearance

> 430 MM (385 MM DIFFERENCE)



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